Application Guidelines

If you are interested in viewing the property prior to submitting the application, you are welcome to do so. Application form will also be provided at the property. We will not process the application until you decide to apply for a specific unit after viewing the property.

Before you begin:

We are excited you are interested in leasing one of our managed homes. We understand completing applications is never enjoyable. To help this process go as smooth as possible though, here are a few things to know:

  • Be sure to review all questions within this application and enter in your information accurately (Double check names, numbers and other info before submitting. This is a BIG help!)
  • Applications are reviewed and considered only AFTER all information is complete, supporting documents have been emailed to us if needed
  • Applications will continue to be received and reviewed for the property until an approved resident has signed the lease and paid the security deposit.
  • Each prospective tenant age 19 or older must submit a separate rental application.
  • Once the information on the application is verified, the prospective tenant will be contacted within a few days for the decision of acceptance.
  • Arrangement will be made for the signing of the tenancy agreement at that time.

Our goal is for every applicant to find the property that best suits their situation and needs. We look forward to welcoming you to your new home.

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